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Conditioning Triplets

TEAM Training Room, we’ve got some classic Conditioning Triplets for you on Monday!

Let’s start this week with some solid conditioning!  We hope to be able to train all week, but if we are rained out at any point we will let you know ASAP.  We still post our follow along videos for each workout.  So we hope that some of you are able to take advantage of this if you are home or if you live out of state!

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Conditioning Triplets:

20 work / 20 work / 20 work x 3 rounds

Go through each Triplet and then repeat for 2 full rounds.

We will finish with one time through each exercise at 30 second intervals.

Triplet 1
  • Either steps (right) or kettlebell swings (right) or snatches
  • Steps (left) or kettlebell swings (left) or snatches
  • Mountain climb or crawls or towel whips
Triplet 2
  • High pulls or jump pulls
  • squat press or squat thrust
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope etc
Triplet 3
  • squat choice
  • half burpee or knee tucks
  • abs

Monday’s workout video is below!