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Conditioning Triplets

Warrior Challenge is BACK and is set for October 23rd!

You have time to get your teams together and ramp up your training… but not much so start to plan for it!

We are also still running High School/ Middle School Training sessions in Manasquan on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4:30pm with Brian!  Here’s a registration link with some options!

Wednesday is a solid and efficient conditioning workout:

You will work for 3 minutes/ rest for 1 minutes… And repeat!!

20/20/20 x 3:

Triplet 1)

  • clean, swing, snatch L
  • clean, swing, snatch R
  • Mountain climbers

Triplet 2)

  • Push press R
  • push press L
  • skaters

Triplet 3)

  • Step up or back lunges R
  • Step up or back lunges L
  • Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks or Run

Repeat for a second round!

Then go one time straight through each exercise at 30 second intervals!!

Here’s a CLASSIC Conditioning Workout Video: