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Conditioning Triplets

Time to repeat our 4 week training cycle starting with these effective conditioning triplets!

You will get to repeat each workout we’ve done the past 4 weeks to notice any improvement or make an modifications as needed!  Let’s Go!!!

Conditioning Triplets

40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest x 3 rounds

Conditioning Triplet # 1

  • Jump or high pull
  • slam or sledge
  • quick step or run

Conditioning Triplet # 2

  • Lateral steps, hop, skaters, ladder agility drills
  • mountain climbers or inertia
  • swings or hinge

Conditioning Triplet # 3

  • wall ball or squat press
  • JR, JJs, cardio choice
  • Abdominal twist or bulgarian bag twists or cross crunches

Rest for 2 minutes between each circuit

Here’s a Conditioning Video Workout!