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Conditioning Triplets

Tuesday get READY for these 20/10 conditioning triplets!

6 rounds of AWESOMENESS!

FIRST… The Training Room Holiday Party is December 10th!  That’s NEXT FRIDAY!

Stay tuned for more details!

Tuesday’s 20/10 Conditioning Triplets x 6 Rounds:

Triplet 1.

  • Ski
  • Kettlebell highpulls
  • skaters or lateral hops or agility ladder

Triplet 2.

  • Run in place or Jumping Jacks
  • Drop squats
  • Half burpees or knee tucks

Triplet 3.

  • Jumping Pull ups or fast assisted pull ups 
  • Slam ball or light weight squat press 
  • Bike

Here’s a stellar old school bodyweight conditioning video workout!