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Conditioning Triplets

But FIRST!  Our Holiday Party is Friday night!

Have a toast and a drink for Matty!  If you were fortunate enough to know him, you would know he would want you to enjoy your time, laugh a lot and enjoy a good time!

If you participated in The Warrior Challenge this year, we have your t-shirt along with some Task Force Dagger swag. You can pick up you shirt at The Training Room in Avon. We are here (406 Main Street) between 6-10 AM and 4-6:30 PM Monday through Friday as well as 7-10 AM on Saturday.

Here’s a perfect pre-party conditioning workout is JUST the ticket!  And as always stay hydrated!

Conditioning Triplets: 

20/20/20×3 Triplets:

Triplet 1.

  • Air squat
  • Mountain climbers or crawl
  • JR or JJ’s

Triplet 2.

  • Swings, broad or tire jumps
  • squat thrusts
  • Knees to chest

Triplet 3.

  • Skaters
  • 1/2 burpees or shoulder taps
  • run in place or shuttle run

You will go through each triplet twice and then finish with 1 circuit off all the exercises!  A Training Room crowd favorite!

Here’s a Classic Conditioning Video Workout compliments of the Pandemic 2020… You are Welcome!  And THANK YOU for keeping us afloat during all of the crazy times!