Saturday’s Workout is Conditioning Triplets!

This is a Training Room Classic and not to be missed… ALL LEVELS are welcome at Both Gyms!

Saturday’s Class Schedule:
Manasquan- 7:30am
Avon- 7:30 & 9am


Here’s what it looks like:

20 Seconds / 20 Seconds / 20 Seconds x 3 Rounds (You are constantly working for 3 minutes):

Triplet 1:  Swings or Steps/ Swings or Steps / Mountain Climbers (or hold a strong Plank)

REST 1 Minutes

Triplet 2: High Pulls or Jumping Pull-ups / Squat Press or Push-Press / Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks

REST 1 Minute

Triplet 3: Drop Squats or Air Squats / 1/2 Burpees or Kneeling Slam Ball / Knees to Chest or Deadbugs 


You will Repeat this circuit through for a second round.  Then Finish with 1x straight through!

Remember to control your movements and concentrate on moving well.

You can always pick up the pace once you have the basic movements under control!

Happy Saturday!