Wednesday is a Continuous Conditioning Circuit

We have 10 Exercises switching each exercise on the Minute!

You will rest for 2 minutes between each round and complete for a total of 3 rounds!

Here is your 10 min non-stop Circuit:

  1. Jump-pull or High Pull
  2. Mountain Climbers or or Crawl
  3. Lateral steps or skaters
  4. Med Ball twist
  5. Jump rope or Jumping jacks or Rope Flow
  6. Air squat
  7. Bicycles or knee ups
  8. Inertia wave, slam ball, or squat thrust or squat press
  9. High box step-ups (or low)
  10. Cardio Choice (high knees, kick buts…)

Let’s keep it simple and have some fun!

Here is the LIVE link for Wednesday: