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Courtyard Conditioning Crusher!

Friday’s workout is a heart heathy courtyard conditioning session to start or end your day right!

Your courtyard Conditioning workout will start with a good warm up to get those muscles loose, increase the heart rate and maybe get a little sweat going!


Here’s Friday’s conditioning workout:

10min non-stop switching exercises every minute x 3rds:

2min rest between sets:

  1. Jump-pull or high pull 
  2. Mt. climbers, plank or shoulder taps or crawl
  3. Lat step, skaters, agility ladder
  4. Med Ball twist or light dumbell side bend or twist
  5. JR or JJ 
  6. Air squat 
  7. Bicycles or knees to chest
  8. Inertia wave, slam ball, or squat thrust 
  9. High box step-ups, lunges, low steps or quick feet 
  10. Cardio Choice (jr, skaters, jj, run in place, high knees, burpees, sit throughs, run, bike, ski row…)

Let’s GOOO!!!!

TR at HOME Option with Video!!!

30/20/10 seconds x 5 rounds (ramping up from slow, medium to FAST)

More options will be explained in the video below!
  • Jog / run / sprint
  • Step up / burpee / squat thrust
  • Lateral steps or skate (slow, med, fast)
  • Plank / towel whip slow / towel whip fast
  • Freestyle: KB sport, cardio machine, JR, or repeat something already done

Let’s have some fun with this!