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Good morning!

Everyone appeared to enjoy yesterdays challenge workout.

Today we’ll be picking up the bells again for a nice single kettlebell session.

You will warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and a two round kettlebell warm up before jumping into this one.

You will only need one bell and some chalk.

You may also want to crank up the tunes and get in the zone.

You will do each movement for one minute, switching hands at the 30 second mark.

Go from one to the next with no rest.

The set will last 6 minutes.

You will rest for 1 minute and will do 4 total sets of this

  • swings L/R /
  • cleans L/R
  • press L/R
  • squat L/R
  • one arm row L/R
  • walkout.
Enjoy this and let us know how it went!