"Partners in Pain"

Special Edition!

We’ve been working hard all year long, let us test out our fitness with this fun challenge.

Here it is:

  1. 200 kettlebell snatches
  2. 200 Burpees
  3. 2000 meter row
  4. 200 kettlebell push presses
  5. 200 fire hose whips ( ha ha!!)
  6. 200 sit ups
  7. Farmers walk(walk holding 2 kettlebells at your side) around the building 1 time (ha ha ha!!)

For Time!


  • We will partner you up
  • You must complete one station before moving on to the next
  • Each partner must do the same amount of work at each station
  • Only one person at a time can perform the movement or exercise
  • Advanced men will use a 24kg kettlebell (snatches and push presses)
  • Intermediate men will use a 20 kg kettlebell(snatches and push presses)
  • Advanced women will use a 16 kg kettlebell(snatches and push presses)
  • Intermediate women will use a 12 kg kettlebell(snatches and push presses)
  • Advanced men will farmer walk with 32 kg bells(walk with your partner)
  • Intermediate men will walk with 28 kg bells
  • Advanced women will walk with 20kg bells
  • Intermediate women will walk with 16 kg bells
  • Complete this workout as fast as possible