Here’s a nice circuit that uses the 15 seconds work/rest protocol. The
short work/rest allows you to use heavier weight, gets the job done in
short time period, and allows you to push the limit. This particular
circuit uses a 70 lb kettlebell, 60 lb D-ball, 14 lb sledge hammer and
a homemade sled. Try to build up to 5 rounds.  Try to keep your reps
consistent each round.

Check out our latest video footage.  This is from our Max Rep training session that was held on 3/6/08.

"The Jersey Grind"

Try this cool but brutal combo!  Transition through these drills for consecutive 20 second intervals:

  1. Over head kettlebell walks
  2. Rack hold walks
  3. Farmers walk
  4. L-sit
  5. Renegade row
  6. Suit case deadlift

Take a minute rest, and repeat four more times!
This workout will hit the mid-section and the grip hard while building work capacity.

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