Monday is Deck of Cards Strength!

We are SO excited to be back in action this week with outdoor classes in both Avon and Manasquan!

We will be adding classes as we move along so keep an eye on your email and the online calendar!  Make sure to register for classes through ZenPlanner or the ZenPlanner Member App on your phone.  If you have any questions let us know.  If you need the registration links here they are:

  1. ZenPlanner Avon Registration 
  2. ZenPlanner Manasquan Registration 
We are also running a punch card special for those of you who would like to make a gradual comback, or drop-in on a class every once and while.  Spread the word!
Avon Punch Cards:

Manasquan Punch Cards:

Our Training Room Deck of Cards Strength Workout keeps evolving… Monday’s is sure to be a crowd favorite!  We recommend you bring any of your own or borrowed equipment for the workouts.  We recommend you bring your own mat for both courtyards.

You can still use the equipment (what is left) inside the gym, just grab what you need when you get there and sanitize everything after class.  Classes will be 45 minutes and will stick with the format we have been doing for the past 11 weeks of online/ virtual training.

Time to Grind!

Deck of Cards Strength!

Each Suit will have a different exercise.  We will go for 30 minutes or until the Deck is complete!

  1. Squat press
  2. High pullm cleana, or assisted pull-up
  3. Ab choice
  4. Cardio choice JJsx3, JRx4, or Calories

As always Jokers are Burpees, Squat Thrusts or Cardio until everyone is finished their Burpees!

Here’s the LIVE Link for 7am!  YES!  We are going to continue with the Live and Recorded Workouts!