Deck of Cards Strength!

Saturday is sure to be a crowd favorite!

Deck of Cards Strength covers all the basics and even throws in some conditioning.  There are always weighted and bodyweight options for your preference.  We will try our best to call out all the options each set.

Deck of Cards STRENGTH!  Each suit is a different exercise.  Whatever number card is pulled from the deck is the number of reps you will do for each exercise.  Face Cards are 10 reps.  Aces are 12 reps.  And SOMETIMES there are multiple cards of the same suit in sequence!  

Let’s have some FUN!

  • Cleans, Snatches, Swings, or Deadlift 
  • Jerks or Push-press, Push up for Bodyweight
  • Squat Thrust or Jump Squat or Squat Knee Up (low impact)
  • Ab choice… many options… 

JOKERS are burpees OR…  LC, 100JR , or 50 JJ’s

Your HOME Workout is a solid Single Sided Strength Day!

Intervals: 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest x 5 Rounds

  • split squat -right
  • split squat – left
  • row -right
  • row -left
  • strict press -right
  • strict press -left
  • Supermans, Birddog, or Hip Bridge
  • AB Choice

Get STRONG with us!

Technology failed us…

Here’s part 2