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Deck of Cards Strength

Monday is Strength Day!

  1. Season opener for Beers & Bells is October 1st!
  2. The CLASSIC Intercostal Tug of War is Back on October 9th…  We need TR members on our team!
  3. Warrior Challenge is October 30th… mark your calendars and start training today!

We’ve got a classic Deck of Cards workout for you on Monday!

Each card suit pulled is a type of exercise (with modifications as needed)

We ALWAYS shuffle the deck!

Deck of Cards Strength 

Here are your exercises:

  1. cleans
  2. push press
  3. Step or split squats
  4. Ab choice

As always Jokers = Burpess, Long Cycle or Jumping jacks / quick feet till everyone is done burpees!

Be READY for modifications to the Strength workout… You never know!

Here’s a strength video workout: