Thursday Is Deck of Cards!

This is a great workout to focus on your Non-Dominate Side Strength!  As most of you know, when the cards are pulled we often have a lot of reps and odd numbers!  So use this time to throw in extra reps and give your Left or Right Side a little extra love!

You will go for 30 Minutes or until the Deck is Complete! Have FUN!

Here are the Exercises and Options:

  1. SQUAT PRESS: Kettlebell, Dumbell or Medicine Ball
  2. ROW: Ring Rows or Kettlebell Rows
  3. DEADLIFT: Single Leg Deadlift, Cleans, Snatch or Bird Dog
  4. ABDOMINALS/ CORE: Knees to Chest, Walkout, Power Wheel or Scooter, Deadbug, etc…

As always JOKERS are 10 Burpees!  You can also substitute Squat Thrusts, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope or a Plank for time.  We want to keep you Healthy!  Burpees are great, but if they don’t feel great, pick something else that gets your heart going!

Have a great day!