Descending Strength Ladders

YES, Training Room people, come get your strength ladders.

Wednesday is a strength day, and you know what we say about strength days…

Don’t skip them!

We NEED to build that lean muscle and also become more useful humans!
Hey Training Room crew!

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Descending Strength Ladders of 20/16/12/8/4 reps

Increase the weight or difficulty of the movement as the reps go down.

Take your time on this…

We also added a body weight option!

Movements are…

  • swings,cleans, snatches or hinges (pick something you didn’t do Tuesday)
  • Single leg deadlift, or Hip bridge
  • Any Press or push-ups
  • Split squat, Lunge, pistol, or step down
  • Abs, or get ups, windmills etc
  • Cardio Calories

Finisher Pick 2 cardio movements (or pieces of equipment) and alternate: 20/16/12/8/4 calories!

Let’s goooooo!!

Some single leg deadlift progressions for you to try!