DOCS of the Cardio Variety for Thursday!

In other words, we’re doing a deck of cards (Docs) workout that involves YOU moving your body quickly through space and elevating your heart rate!

Let’s do this Cardio DOCS with authority!

Here are the suits and movements for each one…

  • Hearts=Drop squats
  • Diamonds=Squat thrusts or slam
  • Spades=Skaters
  • Clubs=Cardio choice for time

Here’s the cardio time breakdown if you care to know…

  • Aces =45 seconds
  • 10’s = 40 seconds
  • 8-9’s = 35 seconds
  • 6-7’s = 30 seconds
  • 4-5’s = 25 seconds
  • 2-3’s = 20 seconds

Let’s keep crushing the week!