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Crank this!

We’ll start out with a little joint mobility and a double round of circuit warm up.

Warm up: 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 2 rounds

  • Body weight rows
  • body weight squats/drop squats
  • push ups/half burpees (second round)
  • bicycles
  • jumping jacks/jump rope
  • med ball thrusters

Four rounds of 30 seconds work/20 seconds rest of each circuit. Take one minute rest between each circuit.

Circuit 1: 30 second work/20 seconds rest (4 rounds non-stop)

  • 20 yard shuttle run
  • Drop squat
  • Pull ups
  • Mountain climbers

One minute rest!

Circuit 2: (30 seconds work/20 seconds rest (4 rounds non-stop)

  • Jumping jacks or jump rope
  • Half burpees or tucks
  • Box jumps, squat jumps or star jumps
  • Med ball Russian twist

More rowing!