Double Conditioning Circuits to get your heart and lungs working.

We have 2 different conditioning circuits to kick off your week at The Training Room!

If you are new to The Training Room and are confused with some of the lingo, don’t worry, we will explain everything to you during the session.

Please let us know if you feel uncomfortable with a certain movement, or if you have some type of injury preventing you to do a certain exercise.

We can certainly help you with ANY of this.

FYI, any of these movements can be done with high impact/intensity or low impact/intensity.

Each one of these circuits will be 5 minutes non stop.

Here are your double stationary circuits for Monday…

Switch exercises every 30 seconds and do each circuit 2 times (5 minutes)

Take a minute rest between each 5 minute bout.

Circuit 1 (5 minutes)

  • Air squat choice (jump, drop or body weight)
  • Mountain climbers or sliders
  • Skaters or agilities
  • Dumbbell or kettlebell push-press
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope or low impact options

Rest for 1-2 minutes

Circuit 2 (5 minutes)


This entire thing will be done for 3 rounds each (6 total rounds in the workout) which will be 30 minutes of work.

Hopefully all of this makes sense.

Let’s have a great week together!

Stay tuned for Ergathon registration.,