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It’s time for double header strength and conditioning!

You need this on Firday!

Beers and Bells is ALSO happening FRIDAY night at the Manasquan gym.

Have you taken this weeks Training Room challenge yet?

Here’s it is…

30 seconds of work with a 30 second recovery for 10 intervals!

Here’s how to set up the monitor…

DO any of the following…

  • Row (total calories=score)
  • Bike (total calories=score)
  • Ski erg (total calories=score)
  • Burpees (total reps=score)
  • Kettlebell long cycle (total reps=score)

Go as hard as you can, record your score in the comments section!

More Upcoming gym social events you don’t want to miss!

We will keep you fit and occupied this Winter!

Fun will be had.

We have 2 circuits of strength and conditioning for Friday.

It’s a double header!

Circuit 1: Strength and Conditioning 30/20 x 4 rounds
  • ring row or pull-up
  • goblet squat
  • abs
  • bike sprints
Circuit 2:Strength and Conditioning 30/20 x 4 rounds
  • Push-up
  • deadlift options or swing options
  • abs
  • Ski, Jump rope or SLED

Bring it!

Here’s a little something to follow at home!