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Happy rainy Friday!

It’s been a great week of hard training!

I’ve seen many of you pick up this week and push yourselves harder then usual.

The bottom line is, you have to push it to the limits if you want to get results!  You also have to know when to back off so you don’t over train.

If anyone is having any issues (injury wise), please let us know so we can adjust your workout.

We do have a resident Athletic Trainer in the house who knows a little bit about sport medicine.

Take advantage of that resource!

Today’s workout: 5 sets of 5 with a partner or solo.

Go heavy!

  • Kettlebell or dumbell see saw press
  • Modified rope climb (if you don’t have a rope, do recline rows)
  • Double kettlebell step ups
  • TRX, Swing set, or Power wheel leg curls (slow, 5 count)
  • Get ups 5/5 or abs

You can go circuit style if you’re solo.