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Good morning!

If you plan on signing up for the Warrior Challenge, make sure to do it soon.  You will want to secure your spot and guarantee yourself an event t-shirt.

Go here to sign up

Today you will have the choice between barbell or double kettlebell strength.

Pick one and go heavy!

Warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and  a two round kettlebell warm up.

Double Kettlebell or Barbell 5×5

Work up in weight with each set.

  • KB or BB front squat
  • Romanian dead lift or kettlebell box dead lift
  • Pull ups, weighted pull ups or assisted pull ups
  • kettlebell floor press or barbell bench press
  • ab choice

Finisher:  500 meter row, ski or versa climb!

Blow it out as fast as possible!!

How did you do?

What option did you choose and how heavy did you go?