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Strength Day!

Today we’ll give you the choice of double kettlebell or sandbag strength.

If you haven’t trained with sandbags in a while, give them a try today.

Do this ladder with a partner or solo.

10,8,6,4,2 Reps

You can circuit through or complete all reps of each movement alternating with your partner in a You go, I go format.

  • Kettlbell alternate cleans or sandbag shouldering
  • double kettlebell press or sand bag press
  • double kettlebell or sand bag squat
  • Kettlebell or sand bag bent row;
  • Kettlebell or sandbag Get ups or walkouts

Finisher!! 15 seconds work /15 seconds rest for 5 rounds of following couplet

  • swings/airdyne or versa climb or ski erg

Here’s an old sandbag complex video from back in the archives.

It’s not related to today’s workout, but is a nice efficient workout that can be done with a sand bag or 1 or 2 bells.

Enjoy your Tuesday!