Tuesday is a Double STRENGTH Workout

That’s right!  We’ve got TWO solid strength sets for you all within the BEST hour of the day!

Remember, we start our indoor training option in Manasquan and Avon on Tuesday, September 1st!  You can choose to stay outdoors or take it indoors following all safety (masks/ distance) protocols as per the State of New Jersey.

We will continue to send emails to members with important updates, including this Google Questionnaire.

We also need each of you to take the time to download the ZenPlanner Member App to register for classes!

Tuesday we have 2 Strength Circuits – 4 rounds of each!

Intervals are 30/25 x 4 rounds


  • squats
  • pull ups or rows
  • deadlifts or supermans
  • press or push up


  • dumbell, barbell or kettlebell curl
  • diamond push ups or dips
  • ab choice
  • cardio choice


60 Seconds Work / 30 Seconds Rest x 4 Rounds

Each Minute of Work is:

30 Seconds Move through Normal Range of Motion / 30 Seconds Static Holds

You will complete 4 rounds of the following Circuit:

  • Squats / hold half squat
  • Push Ups / hold bottom of push up or plank
  • Super Mans or Hip Bridge / hold in engaged position
  • Rows (one arm or ring rows) / hold with elbows pulled back
  • Ab Choice / hold in plank or walkout or v-sit (or choose Ab exercise #2)

Conditioning Finisher:

Intervals: 60/30, 60/25, 60/20, 60/15, 60/10

Pick 1 or 2 exercises i(f you pick 2 exercises, alternate each set)

Try to maintain your numbers or distance each round!  Sure to be a kicker!

Move and Hold Strength Workout with Team Training Room: