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Don’t you love training in the heat?

Speaking of heat, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees on Friday for the “Milkman’s 40/40  Challenge!”

So start hydrating now if you plan on partaking in this event!

No joke!

This fun event will cover a total of 40 miles in the from of kayaking, Training Room obstacle course, Mountain bike or road bike, stand up or prone paddle, run, and swim.

The event will start at Memorial Park in Neptune and will end at Boxing Mike’s house.

Details are on the board and I will post video along the way.

Today’s double conditioning circuit:

30 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest for 4 rounds non-stop of each circuit.

Do circuit A then do Circuit B.

Take 3 minutes rest between each circuit.

Circuit A

  • Jumping pull ups/pull ups
  • Battling ropes
  • Drop squats or box jumps
  • 20 yard shuttle run

Circuit B

  • Dumbell push press
  • kettlebell high pull
  • Mountain climbers
  • quick steps ups, jump rope or sprint in place

Happy 30th to Kristin Gill!!

Here’s a nice little blurb in Fitnessmatters about her.