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Static and Dynamic Strength with a Finisher

Pulling out the fancy terms on strength day…

Static and Dynamic Strength with a Finisher!

It’s actually very simple, and can be adjusted to all abilities.

There will be an explanation of all the exercises when we shoot the video live tomorrow at 7 AM.

If yoo been following us for while, you all know about our static strength session.

This particular one will be a combination of movement, then holding certain positions.

We will move for thirty seconds, hold for thirty seconds, then rest for thirty seconds…

It will look like this:
30 seconds move/30 seconds hold/30 seconds rest for 4 rounds of the following..
  • Squat or split squat/hold at ninety degrees
  • Towel row, towel pull-up,kettlebell or dumbbell row/hold in the up position
  • Hip bridge (variations will be explained)/hold in the up position
  • Push-up (any)/hold down or up or overhead press (standing, kneeling, seated, see saw/hold up or racked (bells)
  • AB choice

30 seconds easy 30 seconds hard of 5 movements…

  • Jacks or shuttle run
  • knees to chest
  • Run in place or butt kicks
  • Body weight squats or squat jump
  • mountain climb, crawl or squat thrust

This will go LIVE at 7 AM!

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