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Endurance Circuit

Let’s go for a little more distance than we are used to for our conditioning circuit Wednesday!  The body is REALLY good at adapting to stress (and workouts) so it is important to change exercises, warm-ups, distance, weights and intervals.  With these small changes, the body gets a chance to wake up and say… “whoa, this is challenging!”  These small changes go across the board with nutrition, stress and sleep!  And soon enough you will have MORE energy and FEEL better each day!

Wednesdays Circuit:

4 Rounds of the Following 5 Rounds Advanced
There is NO Time Limit
– a suggested time would be between 25-35 minutes

  • 800 Meters
  • 40 Mount Climbers (each leg) or 40 Total Shoulder Taps in Plank Position
  • 30 Swings or Marching Hip Bridges
  • 20 Crab Toe Touches or 20/20 Bicycles, or 20 Sit Throughs
  • 10 Total Push Presses or 1/2 Burpees

Hope this workout charges your batteries for a successful day!