Endurance Intervals

Time for some endurance intervals on Wednesday!

Let’s stay focused and really try to keep the intensity up during these 3 Minute Intervals!  If you work hard enough during each endurance interval you will definitely need the 1 minute recovery after each set!

3 Minutes On / 1 Minute off for 3 Rounds

Try to go for MAX Calories or Distance… however you like to keep score.  Try to IMPROVE your numbers with each round!

  1. Rower or Run
  2. Bike or Step Ups
  3. Ski or Squat Thrusts

Simple, Effective and Efficient!

Here’s a home workout you can do anytime!

The Training Room Original Conditioning Circuit!

That’s right… it’s one of the first workouts created!

Here are the Intervals:

  • Rd. 1) 30 work / 25 rest
  • Rd. 2) 30 work / 20 rest
  • Rd. 3) 25 work /15
  • Rd. 4) 20/10 x 2 

You will have 1 Minute Rest between each round.

Here is your Circuit:

  1. High Pull, Jump Pull or Fast Assisted Pull Up
  2. Mt. Climbers Or Crawl
  3. Quick Steps
  4. Squats  (drop, air, surfer, split. lunges)
  5. Crab Toe Touch or Bicycles
  6. Run in Place
  7. Skaters or Side Step
  8. Push-press or 1/2 Burpees
  9. Jump Rope, Rope Flow, or Jumping Jacks

Get your conditioning workout with us anytime!