Happy Thursday!

It looks like we made it through 12/12/12…

That”s cool, because or else we wouln”t be doing this cool workout today!

I crowd favorite!

Make sure to bring some warmer cloths for this one….

We will be outside.

Today is challenge day.

This 20 minute challenge can be done with a partner or solo and requires only two kettlebells or dumbells.

Partners will start at the same time.

Partner 1 will run, partner 2 will carry 2 kettlebells. They will start heading around the block.

As soon as partner 1 catches partner 2, partner 2 will hand the bells to partner 1.


When you pick the bells up, deadlift them up with a flat back and set them down the same way!

They will repeat this for 20 minutes.

Solo will carry the bells half way around the block , put then down, and then run around casinomilate.info the block until they reach the bells again.

Repeat this as many times as you can in 20 minutes.

If you are training with us today and feel like rowing, you will farmer walk half way around the building, cut through the gym, get on the rower, row 250 meters then get back to your bells and repeat for 20 minutes.

How many rounds did you get and what did you carry?

Have a blast.

Have a great weekend and remember…

Take care of you body after class!