We’re flowing into the week!

Flowing into the week and into the next 8 weeks of this NEW block of training sessions!

Monday will begin with a classic Training Room strength flow that will knock your socks off!

Like EVERY Training Room session, this particular strength session can be adapted to ALL levels or fitness!

No matter what level you are at, we want to see that you are challenging yourself each and every time you come in.

Here’s what Monday will look like…

6 mininte flow x 4 rounds

We will be switching limbs every 30 second, AND switching  exercises every minute

Here’s the flow…

  • Kettlebell clean,SL deadlift, or birddog (body weight option)
  • Overhead press R/L, or Hindu push ups
  • Split squat or step up
  • Row R/L
  • Plank or side plank
  • Easy cardio (keep yourself moving for a minute before starting your next round)

Finisher: Pick 1 cardio x 5 minutes


  • Advanced start with10 calories and add 2 every minute
  • Intermediate start with 8 calories and add 2 every minute
  • Beginners start with 6 calories calories and add 2 every minute

Who’s fired up about the ergathon??

We’re done bugging you about signing up.

BUT, you still can here!


Just make a donation here!

Keep that forward momentum!

 Don’t try this one at home!