Friday’s Conditioning Workout

Follow the Leader

30 Seconds Work Continuous for 6 Exercises (3 Minutes!)

Rest 90 Seconds after each Circuit

You will go for 6 Total Rounds

You will either start as a line (1 or 2 people going at a time) until everyone gets on the circuit…
You will all start at the same time as separate stations, each round beginning at a different exercise!

The Circuit is 6 Exercises and may be a variation of those below:

  1. Jumping or Fast Assisted Pull Ups
  2. Crawling or Mountain Climbers
  3. Kettlebell High Pulls or Swings
  4. Half Burpees or Slam Ball
  5. Drop Squats, Skaters or Agility Ladder
  6. Cardio Choice (possibly Sled push or pull)

Enjoy Your FRIDAY!