Forty Twenty Conditioning Triplets

Make sure to show up at The Training Room on Wednesday for forty twenty conditioning triplets! 


Please make sure to register for ROW for HOPE before the end of the week.

We need to put in the T-shirt orders.

Wednesday is obviously a conditioning focus!

We hope your week of training so far has been impactful.

Don’t miss out on this gem Thursday!

40/20x 4 rounds of each triplet.

The Inertia Wave is an AMAZING conditioning tool!

Triplet 1

  • Jump pull or high pull
  • Inertia wave
  • Bike

Triplet 2

  • Ski
  • Step up choice
  • Slam

Triplet 3

  • Push-press (kettlebells, dumbbells, med ball, landmine)
  • Twist or Bulgarian bag
  • Versa climb, jumping jacks or jump rope

Have yourself an amazing Thursday!