Happy Saturday!

Here’s a good one for you to chew on today!

It’s a new variation of our old school kettlebell matrix that we have not done in a very long time,

We will warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up and practice all the basic movements.

Go through this complex on 4 minute mark.

We will start at the top of every 4 minutes and complete 5 rounds of this or a total of 20 minutes.

The quicker you move, the more rest you will have before you have to start again.

  • swings 5/5
  • snatches 5/5 or 10 snatch pulls
  • cleans 5/5 or high pulls 10
  • press or push press 5/5
  • front squat 5/5 or 10 goblet squats
  • thruster 5/5 or two handed variation 10
Check the above options that I didn’t mention in the video below.

Drop us a comment and have a great weekend!

Go Giants!!