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Happy Tuesday!

It’s hot as bells!

It’s going to be 101 degrees today, so we may have to take it indoors.

Today we’ll be doing one of our old school conditioning circuits.

We’ll go through our joint mobility and circuit warm up first.

We’ll give you a few options at some of the stations.

Four Round Jersey Shore Conditioning Circuit:

  • Round 1: 30/25
  • Round 2: 30/20
  • Round 3: 25/15
  • Round 4: 20/10

Here’s the circuit:

  • Jumping or kipping pull ups
  • Slam ball or sledge hammer
  • kettlebell clean and squat
  • Agility ladder drills
  • kettlebell swings
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks
  • half burpees

Drink lots of water.

We have Endura if you need it to add to your water.