Freestyle Deck of Cards Workout

Something a lttle different for your strength day…going with a freestyle deck of cards workout for Friday!

In other words, you will get to mix the movements up for each suite.

Here it is…

Hearts= Any squat or hinge movement

Some examples…

  • Body weight squat
  • Goblet squat
  • Split squat or lunge
  • Deadlift
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Swing
  • Clean
  • Snatch

Diamonds=Any press or push up

Some examples…

  • Overhead press (1 arm)
  • Overhead press (2 arm)
  • See saw press
  • Floor press
  • Landmine press
  • Push up

Spades=Any upper body pull

  • 1 arm row
  • Renegade row
  • Ring row
  • Pul up
  • Band pull

Clubs=Abdominal choice

  • Any ab movement, twist, side bend or Bulgarian bag

Of course, jokers are WILD!

Work hard and have some fun with this!

Have a great weekend!