Freestyle Friday

Freestyle Friday is here for ALL of you Training Room characters!

Let’s have a little FUN!

This will be a great day for you to try out some new things outside your comfort zone.

Let’s go over some of the possibilities of this session…
30/30 x 6 rounds fresstyle strength training.

SO many possiblities here…

  1. Any upper pull (Ring row options, pull-up, statics, ropes, kettlebells, dumbells, etc.)
  2. Any squat (goblet,mace, clubs, bands, pistols, sliders, split,etc.)
  3. Any upper push (kettlebells or dumbbells, any overhead press, leverage press, push-up, dips, etc.)
  4. Any lower pull) swing, dead, snatch,clean, superman, hip bridge, sliding or power wheel leg curls,etc.)
  5. Any Abdominal movement (rotations, ball tosses, ball slams, sledge slams, mace swings, planks,dead bugs, bosu stuff etc. and so on)

As always, we want you to ask for help on anything you need!

Also, please inform us of any injury or potentilal injury you may have so we can address it and possibly help you fix it!

It’s OUR job to help make you better.

Enjoy your Friday!

Adding bands to your ring rows?

Give it a try!

Try some leverage movements out!