FreeStyle Strength Intervals

It’s mid week freestyle strength, so choose what you’re feeling on Wednesday at The Training Room!

You can choose super simple movements, or get advanced if you’re feeling the magic.

1 minute work 1 minute active rest x 5 rounds of the following choice of movements to cover ALL the body parts.


  • Swings, cleans, deadlift choice, snatches
  • Single or double kettlebell or dumbbell press choice
  • Long cycle, squat choice or upper body pull choice

Active rest should be light movement.

Here are a few examples of active rest:

  • Walking or farmer carry.
  • Light step ups
  • Mace swings
  • Light Bulgarian bag
  • Ab work
  • Light dumbell curls/arm or shoulder work
  • Joint mobility

Let’s GO!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!