Today’s workout: 3 rounds:

  1. 30work/30work/30rest
  2. 25work/25work/25rest
  3. 20work/20/work/20rest
  • ring rows/push ups
  • burpees
  • swings R/L
  • rower
  • walking lunges
  • kettlebell clean/press R/L
  • airdyne bike
  • Mountain climbers/sit ups


Check out last nights workout: Max reps on each movement.

Those who participated did a great job!

  • Pull ups with or with out band assistance
  • Kettlebell front squats
  • Sit ups: 2 min. time limit
  • 250 meter row for time
  • kettlebell snatches max reps right and left
  • push ups:chest to the mat
  • Kettlebell push press:max reps right and left

Here are just some of the stats(if you can understand this mess)