Friday’s Conditioning

Nothing like a good conditioning workout to start a holiday weekend!

Stay tuned to schedule changes on Monday!

Reminder there will be a FREE Beach Workout with Alicia at 7am on Sunday in Avon.  You can make it as restorative (easy) or challenging as you like and you might learn some new things too!

Here’s Friday’s Conditioning Session:

Conditioning A & B Workouts

A Workout 20/10 x 8 rounds

  1. Swings
  2. mountain climbers or shoulder taps
  3. drop squats
  4. Half burpees or knee tucks
  5. skaters
  6. Sq thrusts or squat press
  7. High or Jump pull
  8. slam ball, JJ, quick feet…

B Workout

  • Pick 2 Cardio Exercises
  • Cardio #1 20/10×4
  • Cardio #2 20/10×4

You will repeat each A & B workout for a total of 3 time each (alternating between the two sets)!

HOME WORKOUT & Video: Conditioning Quadruplets

30 work /15 rest x 4 rounds

Quadruplet #1

  • High pull or jumping pull ups
  • Squat press or squat thrust
  • Knees 2 chest or bicycles
  • Cardio choice

REST 2 Minutes

Quadruplet #2

  • Chair steps or smaller steps
  • Crawl or plank
  • Lateral steps or skaters
  • Cardio choice

Finish with 1 Time through each exercise 20 work /10 rest