It’s Friday Frenzy at The Training Room.

On the Friday frenzy, we will alternate between 2 of the following circuits.

If you care to know…

This is technically know as contrast training.

It will look like this…

  • Round 1 will be the strength circuit with slower movements and hold.
  • Round 2 will be the conditioning circuit with lighter and quicker movements.
  • Back to strength for round 3
  • Finish with the conditioning for round 4

The Strength Circuit will look like this (30 seconds move / 30 seconds hold / 30 seconds rest) rounds 1 and 3

FYI, you will have the option of using body weight movements or adding outside resistance with kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, chains or bands.

  • Pull-ups or row
  • squat
  • push-up or press
  • superman, hip brdge or wall hinge
  • Abs

Conditioning Circuit (rounds 2 and 4)

30 seconds of slower movement / 30 seconds of faster movement /30 seconds of rest

  • Pull-ups – Jump pulls or fast assisted
  • Squats-drop squats or squat jumps
  • Push-ups-mountain climb or shoulder taps
  • deadlifts-swings
  • cardio easy-cardio hard

There will be a 1 minute rest between each round.

Let’s have some fun with this session.

Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend.