Friday Fun!

The Friday fun will be in the form of an old school Training Room conditioning circuit.

Let’s work hard and have a little fun with our TR pals!

News Flash…

There will be no classes on Saturday due to ROW for HOPE.

As usual, we’ll be going with an 8 exercise circuit for 4 rounds.

Your intervals will look like this…

  • Round 1: 30/25
  • Round 2: 30/20
  • Round 3: 25/15
  • Round 4: 20/10 x 2

Here’s the circuit…

  1. Jump pull or high pull
  2. Mountain climb
  3. Swings
  4. Squat thrusts or slam
  5. Jumping jacks or Candy Jacks
  6. Body weight squat choice
  7. Twist or Bulgarian bag
  8. Cardio choice

Let’s GO!