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Friday is Strength Day!

Let’s have some FUN while working out and getting healthy and strong!

We have been working hard in both locations to come back BETTER than we were before Covid-19.  We can’t wait to be back to regular training!

The Training Room has been though many difficult life and business events in the past 21 years and we somehow manage to keep coming back stronger! There is nothing more satisfying than putting in some extra work to improve as individuals and as a TEAM!

Let’s finish this week STRONG!

Stationary Strength

30 work/ 15 rest x 8 total rounds at each station (Rest 1 minute between exercises):

  1. Cleans, snatch, swing, single leg deadlift L/R
  2. Jerks, push press, floor press, 1arm push ups, or push-up plank L/R
  3. Long cycle or step ups L/R
  4. Ab pick 2 exercises and alternate
  5. Cardio pick 2

Total Time: 34 Minutes

Here’s the link for 7am live in Friday: