HIIT Triplets

It’s that time of the week at The Training Room…time for some full body HIIT triplets to get the heart and lungs working!

Our HIIT intervals for Thursday will be set at 40/20!


Work hard for fourty seconds and recover for twenty.

Complete 3 rounds at each triplet station.

Let’s get after it!

Triplet 1

3 rounds of 40/20

  • Bike sprints
  • Jump pull or high pull
  • Bulgarian bag swing or rotation

Triplet 2

3 rounds of 40/20

  • Jump rope, jumping jacks or short shuttle run
  • Drop or jump squats
  • Slams or sledge hits

Triplet 3

3 rounds of 40/20

  • Kettlebell swing
  • Mountain climb
  • Ski erg


Don’t for get about Saturday’s Training Room team challenge!

Team challenges help to keep us motivated and goal oriented!

We’re looking to start at 8 AM.