Full Body Strength

Thursday is a full body strength focus, and we think you’re going to like this one.

1 minute of work with a 1 minute active rest for 30 minutes!

It’s pretty simple, yet complex and you’ll have some options.

Here’s the breakdown and movement choices…

  • Clean squat press (1 or 2 kettlebells) or high pull squat press
  • Renegade row, bent knee alternate row or 1 arm row (30/30)
  • Plank choice or crawl

Active rest can be anything that you want to work on such as…

  • More ab work
  • Light cardio
  • Farmer carries
  • Mace swings
  • Bulgarian bag work
  • Arm or shoulder work with light dumbbells
  • Band pulls for shoulder health
  • Mobility

Have some fun with this one and challenge yourself as well.

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Have a great Thursday!