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Strong Monday

Let’s start this week with a Full Body Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength Workout.

We hope you enjoyed the weekend and are ready for a new week of incredible workouts!

Monday is a Strength Day!

 Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength

20 work /10 hold (Complete all of one side then repeat the other side for a total of 4 rounds!)

  • Clean or superman / rack or hold
  • press or push-up / oh hold or plank
  • split squat / hold
  • one arm row or ring row / hold
  • walkout, shoulder taps or crawl / hold

Finisher 20 work /10 easy run in place or JJ x 2 rounds

  1. Swings or broad jump
  2. squat thrusts or knee tucks
  3. air squat or drop squats
  4. mountain climbers or crawl
  5. Run in place or Jump Rope

Here’s a Video Workout for all of you at home or out of town:

Kettlebell and Bodyweight A & B Strength!
Non-stop 30 second intervals x 5min x 4rds:

1min rest between circuits:

Workout A – Bodyweight

Pistols, step-downs, shrimp, curtsey squats or GOATA Drop Ins L/R
1 arm push-ups L/R or Shoulder taps
Hip bridge L/R
1. arm ring row L/R
Ab choice
Workout B – Weighted

weighted goblet or split squat L/R
1 arm press L/R
SL deadlift L/R
1 arm rows
Finisher: Pick 5 cardio exercises and do each one for 5min or 5min KB sport choice:

Here’s a home video strength workout: