Full Body Strength

Friday is a total body strength workout that has a little bit of everything

Beers & Bells in Manasquan Friday Night at 6pm! 

A little healthy competition and time to unwind with your Training Room Crew!  Have some FUN!

Friday’s Full Body Strength Workout

You will be “working” for 1 minute followed by a 30 second rest for each exercise

Intervals are… 15s move / 15s hold / 15s move / 15s hold / 30s rest:

Complete a total of 4 rounds:

  1. Squats:
  2. Overhead press dumbbell or kettlebell
  3. Supermans, ring hamstring curls or Hip bridge
  4. 1 arm or ring row
  5. Walkouts

Finisher Rounds: 15 easy / 15 hard / 15easy / 15 hard

  • Cardio: Row / bike / ski / Run / Sq thrust

Here’s a Strength Video Workout PERFECT for Friday: