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Full body strength is ALWAYS the way!

Wednesday is a strength day, so it would be a great day for you to get after this weeks challenge if yoou have not already done so.

The Training Room Triathlon would make a great finisher.

Go through in this order…

  • ski erg 500 meters
  • Bike 1000 meters
  • Row 500 meters

Go as hard as you can, record your time and we will retest in 4 weeks!

If you joined the 12 week fitness challenge,  make sure to get over to Atlanitc Exercise Physiology by Saturday for your assessment.

We’ve been getting some great feedback so far.

Upcoming gym social events

We will keep you fit and occupied this Winter!

Here’s your full body strength circuit for Wednesday!
60 work/30 rest x 4 rounds of the following…
  •  Alternate ring rows or renegade rows
  • Alternate reverse lunge, walking lunge, or sled:
  • Seesaw press or push-up plank
  • H2H swings, SL dead’s, marching hip bridge
  • Ab choice: x4rds

60/30 x 1 finisher or Training Room Triathlon

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • JR, JJ
  • Squst thrust or slam ball
Here’s a little something for home if you need to follow along…