Fun Conditioning for Wednesday!

Let’s give it our best on this fun conditioning circuit for Wednesday!

We will work for thirty seconds on each round, but will also ladder down on the recovery intervals with each round.

Intervals for each round will look like this…

Work/rest per round (5 rounds):

  1. 30/25
  2. 30/20
  3. 30/15
  4. 30/10
  5. 30/5

Here’s the circuit…

  • Slam
  • Jump pull or high pull
  • Quick steps, agilities or shuttles
  • Air Squat or squat jump
  • Mountain climb or crawls
  • Jacks or Jump rope
  • Bulgarian bag moves
  • Kettlebell swings or hinge jumps

Keep showing up and putting in the work!

Have a great Wednesday!