FUN Friday Combo at The Training Room!

This fun Friday combo will be a great mix of both functional movements with a cardio blast between.

It’s a twenty ten conditioning mash up for Friday at The Training Room!

This twenty ten conditioning mash up is exactly what you want to do!

Each station will be executed for 4 minutes, and there will be 6 total stations…

FYI, this one will help us prep for the upcoming ergathlon on February 18th.

If you have not signed up yet, please do so ASAP so we can start the planning process.

Here’s the link for registration or donation.

Now for Friday’s session….

We will perform the stationary circuit between each erg circuit.

There will be a 2 minute rest between each station.

Station 1

The first station will be an 8 exercise stationary conditioning circuit…

20/10 x 1 round (Stationary circuit)

  • Swing or Jumps
  • 1/2 burps or knee tucks
  • Twist choice
  • Jumping jacks
  • Drop squats
  • sit throughs or Mountain climbers
  • High pulls
  • Sprint in place
Station 2
  • Row 20/10 x 8
Station 3
  • DO the stationary circuit again (refer to above)
Station 4
  • Bike 20/10 x 8
Station 5
  • DO the stationary circuit.(refer to above)
Station 6
  • Ski 20/10 x 8 

Lets GO!!

Have an amazing weekend!