Hey guys!

Last time we did this one, we did it on the beach.

There may be some modifications tomorrow, but here is the general idea of what we will be doing tomorrow.

This workout will be set up to be done with a partner in a YOU go I go format.

You can also use teams of 3 for this.

There will be 4 stations set up.

We will work for 5 minutes in each station.

Station 1: Pull ups or Body Weight Rows

As many ladders as possible in 5 minutes with your partner

Do these  in ladder format alternating with your partner 1-5 or 2-10 rep scheme

When you get to the top of the ladder, go back and repeat (don’t ladder down, go back to 1 or 2)

Rest for 2 minutes

Station 2:  Bear Crawls/Power wheel walks

We will set up cones 20-25 yards apart.

One person will crawl up and back as the other is resting.

Get as many up and back crawls as you can in 5 minutes.

Rest for 2 minutes

Station 3: Burpee or squat thrust ladders

You can perform these one for one, or do it in ladder fashion (1-5, 2-10 etc) like the pull ups.

Advanced can add a broad jump to this.

Get as many ladders or reps as you can in 5 minutes.

Rest 2 minutes

Station 4: partner run or sand bag carry or row/ski/bike 

We will set cones up 25 yards apart.

Run with or with out the sand bag up and back then your partner goes.

You will also have the option of 100 meter row/ski/bike intervals with your partner.

See how far you get in 5 minutes!

Enjoy ans have great day!!

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